About KCWC

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference is to provide an annual interdenominational event to equip and encourage writers in their quest for publication. The conference will provide a safe environment where writers can discover their gifts and share their work.

The Committee

The conference is run by an all-volunteer committee. Click here for information about the committee: http://www.kychristianwriters.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2016_KCWC_Advisory_and_Planning_Committee_Final.pdf 


The logo was designed by former coordinator Sherry Pile. It displays the conference theme verse, a Bible, and the state of Kentucky showing in white on the blue world map.

Ten Reasons to Attend KCWC

For those of you who are hesitating to attend KCWC, our 2009-10 Coordinator, Judy Sliger, has developed a list of reasons why you should plan to come!

10.  You deserve a mini-vacation.

  9.  You've always wanted to visit Kentucky when it wasn't Derby weekend.

  8.  Your teachers said your excuses were extremely creative.

  7.  A teacher or professor said you have a gift for writing.

  6.  You enjoy being around creative people.

  5.  You have a friend who you know should be published who won't come alone.

  4.  You've always wanted to be a writer.

  3.  You need a safe, supportive environment to explore your writing talent.

  2.  You do write; you just don't know what to do with your writing.

  1.  You feel the Holy Spirit calling you to attend.