Saturday, July 7, 2007

Eleven Years and Counting

Have you met Kate and Joyce? Kate Thomas is KCWC founder. In an earlier post, we mentioned that, about 12 years ago, Kate attended an American Christian Writers Conference while suffering from a back ailment. Joyce Joines went with her and helped her manage to get the most out of the conference in spite of her pain.

Here's Kate looking for her name tag at the 2007 conference in Elizabethtown (11th year). She's been on the conference committee or advisory board every year since conference inception.

And here's Joyce at this year's conference. She's perusing the material on the free resources table. She is modest about her contribution to KCWC. She has served on the committee in the past, and she still attends each year.

If you didn't get to meet them this year, plan to attend the conference next year (June 20-21, 2008) in Elizabethtown. I'm sure they'll both be there.

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