Wednesday, August 15, 2007

KCWC Plans for 2008

At the July meeting, the KCWC committee discussed the evaluations from the 2007 conference. Faculty and conferees alike offered praise for the spiritual atmosphere and for the content. Some said they felt a little rushed. Perhaps that's because the committee wants to pack as much information and encouragement as possible into the two-day conference.

At the August meeting, the committee will be working on next year's schedule. Karen Moore Artl of Thomas Nelson Publishers is the featured speaker. We want to offer workshops for unpublished writers, but we also want to provide continuing education and encouragement for experienced writers. All in two days' time!

Organizing a conference with a committee of volunteers is always a challenge. However, this committee holds a prayer time before each meeting. This week, would you also pray for 2008 planning as the committee makes decisions on scheduling and choosing faculty.

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~Crystal A Murray said...

Yes, we desire prayer and we need suggestions and feedback. Thank you, Emily, for posting this, and I'd like to encourage all who read this to please post your comments here or on the yahoo group so we can know more of what you are looking for at future conferences.