Monday, June 2, 2008

Cyber-help for Writers at KCWC 2008

We're still adding features to this year's conference offerings. The latest is: Your Web Presence: Presenting Yourself in Cyberspace, a one-on-one session with Crystal Murray, who will be set up in the Book Room. Stop by her table to see when she is available, or to see if she has any self-help resources that may offer what you need for your next trip to the World Wide Web.

Crystal is a "tech savvy" writer with a variety of ways she presents herself on-line. She has experience in educational tutoring, frequently offers editorial services to other writers, and has mentored more than a few new computer users in becoming familiar with the Internet and its available services. Since her first staff role with KCWC as an assistant coordinator in 2004, she has helped the conference move into the technical age and is ready to offer that service to writers who may still be a bit in the dark about how to present themselves in cyberspace.

Crystal has a blog at where you'll find a photo of her and more biographical information.

If you still haven't registered, go to KCWC site for info on how to do that:

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