Monday, June 16, 2008

Reminder and Testimony

I've been meaning to remind everyone that Elizabethtown is on Eastern Daylight Time, so make your plans accordingly when you come for conference this week.

On our website, we ask for stories from people who have had a special experience or benefit from KCWC. We received the following from Londa Hayden, who will be attending this year. She learned about KCWC from Judy Hitson, a former committee member and regular attendee.

"It was a bright and sunny day at Horton State Park as we drove up to the lodge and parked. When we walked in to register, my attention immediately went towards a white board with information about a Christian Writer's Retreat taking place upstairs. I felt my heart pounding and the Holy Spirit fluttering in my soul. As my husband registered, I mentioned the retreat to him and said, "This could be God's leading."

He complied, "What a coincidence that this should be happening the very same weekend we decide to come."

We checked out the activities going on and when I felt comfortable enough, I decided to check out the retreat. Thoughts of twenty or more writing computer geeks sitting around a table hovering over their laptops while listening intently to a keynote speaker were rousing in my mind. I stopped at the door and decided to take a quick peek inside not wanting to disturb anything.

To my surprise there were only about seven women sitting at a table hovering over their laptops. One of which took notice of me and welcomed in with open arms. In fact, a big hug. It was Judy Hitson of the Spirit Lead Writer's Network (SLWN) in Nashville, Tennessee.

I was a little embarrassed and not meaning to impose, but they were so welcoming and actually invited me into their critique session. I had never participated in a critique at all. It was a wonderful experience and even though I was living in Memphis, I felt a kindred spirit with these ladies immediately.

A few weeks later, I was invited to join them in creating a collaborative anthology, a devotional style book for women. This is still a work in progress but is expected for release later this year. In another meeting, an editor from the Devo'Zine Christian youth devotional magazine put out by Upper Room Ministries read over some of my devotional materials and really liked them. She took them with her and a few weeks after that, I received a letter confirming that one of my devotionals was chosen for publication in the Fall 2008 issue. I was ecstatic. The check for $25.00 dollars has since been copied and framed. I can hardly wait to see my first work in print.

I am so thankful for God's leading me to SLWN. Judy has become a good friend and was very adamant that I attend this conference (KCWC) with her. This will be my first time to attend the Kentucky Christian Writer's Conference. My writer's group has been a source of joy, encouragement and support for me along the way. Thanks for letting me share my story."

Londa S. Hayden

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