Thursday, August 28, 2008

KCWC 2009:We’re Excited!

“We’re excited about KCWC 2009!” How many times have you heard or read about how excited somebody is about a new partnership, product, or service? It’s such a cliché that, when I’m editing business copy, I usually insist that a sentence containing the word “excited” be revised to express the same sentiment in a more creative and less hackneyed way.

But, really, I am excited about our 2009 conference plans. But, how shall I say it in a more creative way? Checking with my favorite online resource,, I entered “excited” in the thesaurus search box. Wow! According to this, I can say that I’m delirious, elated, agog, or even atwitter.

Yes, I’m ecstatic that our featured speaker is Terry Whalin. He’s a native Kentuckian, although he currently resides in Arizona. He has family in Kentucky, and there’s a building at Eastern Kentucky University named after one of his relatives. He says that one of the counties in KY was named for his five-great grandfather, too.

I’m glad that Terry has roots in Kentucky, but I’m absolutely delighted about his being our featured speaker because he’s not just a speaker. He has extensive experience in the Christian publishing industry. Just take a look at his resume. He’s a published writer, a former editor, and now a literary agent. He has a degree in journalism coupled with a powerful Christian testimony.

Maybe now you can see why I'm so excited. I hope my exuberance is contagious, and that you will mark your calendar right now for KCWC, June 19-20, 2009, and plan to be with us in Elizabethtown. Details will be on the website when they become available.

Emily Akin

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Terry Whalin said...

Hello Emily,

Thank you for the kind words and I look forward to being with you and the others at your conference next year. These are exciting days for any writer.

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