Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pray for KCWC 2008-2009

A number of people pray for KCWC year-round. Each month, when the steering committee meets, a one-hour prayer session precedes the business meeting. Whether you are a past conferee or a potential future attendee, please include KCWC in your prayers.

Why pray for KCWC 2008? It's over and done. True, the actual conference is over, but the people who attended will be applying what they've learned over the next few months. They'll be acting on the inspiration received, and they'll realize the benefit of regularly meeting with other writers and editors to hone their craft. Pray that God will use each and every person who attended KCWC 2008 to accomplish his purpose.

And, please pray for KCWC 2009, for Coordinator Judy Sliger and bloggers Emily Akin and Carlton Hughes. Pray also for our featured speaker, Terry Whalin. Take a few minutes to read Terry's testimony. We'll bring more details about Terry in future blog posts, so be sure to subscribe or check back periodically.

Then, be sure to put June 19-20, 2009, on your calendar, and include attending KCWC in your plans for next year.

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