Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Worth The Cost

If you are anything like me (and I suspect you are), you are counting the cost when you consider coming to a writers' conference. There is no doubt that you will be investing in your own writing career and future when you take the time, energy and money to attend the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference.

In the next few minutes, I want to give you four reasons to attend. From my perspective, there are many more than four reasons and I've been attending writers' conferences on a regular basis since the early 80s (over 20 years).

1. Come to grow and learn. You may think you are coming to the conference to meet a particular editor and show them some of your writing. There is nothing wrong with that reason but I recommend you come to the conference with an open attitude to learn and grow as a writer. I always learn something at each conference. After all of the books and magazine articles, I continually learn new skills and insights into the Christian and general marketplace. I do not have it all figured out. I'm coming to the KCWC to learn and grow. Join me.

2. Come to be inspired and renewed. Writing is a solitary profession. Each of us sit at our keyboard or with our pens and paper to write words which we hope others will want to read. I attend conferences to gain that shot of encouragement and renewal. You will find it at KCWC. Join me.

3. Come to make some new relationships. Often within the publishing community, it is who you know as much as what you know. And you never know who will suddenly change positions and become a key player in the community. I encourage you to attend the conference to meet as many people at the conference that you can meet--whether a fellow conference attendee or on the faculty. Everyone has a story and you can make lifelong friends at KCWC. Join me.

4. Come for the unpredictable God moments. The surprising and unexpected also happens at every conference. As Christians, we understand that God orders our steps and plans out surprise encounters. It will happen at KCWC. Some people call these "pack your bag moments" or even if it is in the first few minutes of the conference you can pack your bags and go home and you will have received what you needed at that event. Those moments will be happening at KCWC. Join me.

I've got some other reasons and tips to prepare for a writer's conference at this link.

Many years ago, I was one of the few journalists who have interviewed bestselling author Chuck Swindoll. Dr. Swindoll is a gracious individual in person and his personality comes through his books or on the radio or in the pulpit. Chuck told me, "Terry, there are no heroes in the body of Christ. We are all like a bunch of guys in the back of a pick-up truck trying to get our stuff together." Each of us have our place and I believe you can gain insight and perspective while at KCWC. Join me.

I look forward to meeting you in June. I'm anticipating each of these four reasons and much more during our time together at the conference.

-- Terry Whalin

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