Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lighting the Way

I recently played a coal miner in a community play, and it opened my eyes to some things. I live in the coalfields of Eastern Kentucky and have known many coal miners, but I gained a new appreciation for their work, as well as some new insights about my work, through this production.

On a basic level, the equipment was a real eye-opener. A buddy of mine loaned me his uniform and his mining boots, which were so heavy that I ditched them after one painful dress rehearsal. The producers had procured mining helmets, complete with the light on the front. I got tangled in the cord leading from the battery pack to the helmet numerous times before I finally adjusted.

Our play included a recreation of a mining disaster similar to the recent one in Montcoal, WV, and I gained a new level of understanding of how dangerous coal mining can be. I have newfound respect for the brave men and women who go underground everyday to provide for their families.

Another epiphany came as we performed a key scene. Some other “miners” and I made an entrance with our “head-lights” providing the only illumination in the darkened theater. It was a neat effect, and it made me think about my purpose as a Christian and as a writer.

Jesus has called me (and you) to shine His light in this world. Just like that miner’s light lighted the way in the theater, my writing (and yours) can illuminate the dark places, helping others navigate their way through the hard places in this life. My name may never appear on a bestseller list, but, with God’s light, my work can penetrate cold, lonely hearts in need of encouragement.

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Blessings, Carlton Hughes

KCWC Publicity Chair & Faculty Member

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Virginia Smith said...

Great thoughts, Carlton. Thanks for sharing!