Monday, July 12, 2010

KCWC 2010 Wrap-Up

The KCWC committee will be meeting later this month to review the evaluations of KCWC 2010 and continue planning for 2011. In recent years, the committee has responded to conferees' feedback by offering more workshop opportunities and private appointments. The 2010 evaluations showed that attendees were delighted with those changes.

"Best KCWC I've attended," said one person. "This is my third year, and the best," said another. An attendee who had attended numerous writers conferences said he/she had never given perfect scores on workshop evaluations. Yet, he or she awarded three perfect scores on KCWC 2010 workshops.

As always, the evaluations contained requests for changes in scheduling and workshop content. As the planning for 2011 continues, the committee will take those recommendations seriously. If you attended the conference but forgot to turn in your evaluation, you can still give us your feedback by commenting on this blog post. If you couldn't come this year, we can use your input, too.

Pray for the committee as they plan for 2011. Barbara Wells and founder, Kate Thomas, are co-coordinators. And, mark your calendar for June 24-25, 2011. Featured speaker will be prolific author, speaker, and teacher, Cecil Murphey.

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