Saturday, April 21, 2012

Take Advantage of Our Resources

One of the blessings in attending the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference is the opportunity for attendees to access many writing helps. A resource table with an abundance of free materials from a variety of sources will be waiting for you to peruse. Excellent "how to" books are always available as well as some of the works of those who serve on the faculty, planning committee, and others. We are pleased this year to have the new books by Cecil Murphey (Unleashing the Writer in You) and Donna Goodrich (The Freedom of Letting Go.) Cecil has been our keynote speaker twice. Donna not only helped found the KCWC, but was a workshop leader and speaker last year. So, consider attending our 2012 KCWC, and then let go and unleash the writer in you!! Kate Thomas KCWC Co-Founder

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Emily M. Akin said...

I highly recommend Cecil Murphey's Unleash the Writer Within on my Blog4Writers. I have reviewed it on my blog. Link: