Thursday, April 18, 2013

Faculty Profile: Cindy Sproles

If you’ve ever had an epiphany that changed your life and wished you could share it to help others, join faculty member Cindy Sproles at KCWC as she leads a workshop titled “Turning Personal Experiences into Parables.” Her class is designed to help writers turn their story into snippets of inspirational messages that could end up generating a nice supplemental income.

Cindy will also lead another workshop, “Learning the Lingo,” that provides tips to make the most of your appointments with agents and publishers. Just knowing what to expect, what to say, and how to say it can mean all the difference in the world in landing a contract.  

 Cindy is the cofounder of, a daily devotional ministry, as well as an accomplished writer and speaker. Her primary focus is to coach and to mentor authors and first time writers, which makes her a natural as a faculty member of KCWC. In addition to her books, He Said, She Said: A Devotional Guide to Cultivating a Life of Passion and New Sheets: Thirty Days to Refine You into the Woman You Want to Be, she has collaborated with other authors on four books. She is also a contributor to Novel Journey Reviews,, and Tri-County News. To learn more about Cindy, visit

 —Lisa Greer, KCWC Committee

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