Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Formula for Success (Dress Edition)

Most people have heard the old adage "Dress for Success" or even "Dress to Impress." That begs the question: how should we dress at KCWC?

The formula: nice + comfortable=success!

The first impulse might be to dress to the nines (fancy frilly dresses on ladies, business suits on men), but, TRUST ME, you'll want to adhere to the above formula.

Friday is a MARATHON DAY at KCWC. Registration begins at 8 am. New attendees' class begins at 8:15 am (Please come so I won't get depressed because I'm alone). Opening session begins at 9 am. Keynote speeches, concurrent workshops, bookstore shopping, networking, and meals are interspersed throughout the day. Taste of Kentucky that evening. Saturday is much of the same, but it starts EARLIER (opening session at 8:30) and ends at 2:45. All of these things point to walking, moving around, sitting, etc. Again: nice but comfortable, especially shoes. Stiletto heels definitely won't work!

As for the Thursday Meet-and-Greet, it's our most informal event. It's a time for everyone to mingle in a relaxed setting, so dress appropriately (again, follow the formula).

When I say comfortable, I don't mean cutoff jeans and a Harley shirt. I don't mean pajama pants (We're not going to that popular discount store, after all, LOL!). I don't mean your favorite housecoat/muumuu. Just sayin'.

See you there, comfortable clothes and all!

(Still time to register: www.kychristianwriters.com, plus walk-in registration will be accepted both days!)

--Carlton Hughes
KCWC Planning Committee, Newbie Class Teacher, Master at Comfortable Clothing

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