Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's All in the Details

Kentucky Christian Writers Conference 2014 is almost here! Some details you might want to keep in mind:
  • WiFi is available at the church.  
  • BYOD: Bring Your Own Device.
  • Sign up for One-on-One appointments on site when you arrive.
  • Bottled water and coffee will be available throughout each day.
  • Bookstore tables are available for $10 and $20. Drop me a note if you have not already put in a request.  Pay on site.
  • Meet and Greet with faculty, committee and attendees 7:00-9:00 Thursday evening. Light refreshments will be served.
  • If you have books to sell, you are welcome to set your books and materials up at Meet and Greet (or Friday works, too).
  • Walk-ins are ALWAYS welcome!! If you or a friend are still working out details to attend, we completely understand. Sometimes last minute plans are the best.
  • Carlton Hughes will be doing the Newbies class at 8:30 to help you get the most out of the conference.
  • Current price is $210.  Most bang for your buck you can find!
  • Keep the conference in your prayers.  We are expecting divine appointments and safety for all.

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