Sunday, June 15, 2014

Two New Faculty Members, Two Unique Points of View

by Donna Lanham
Planning Committee

KCWC is proud to welcome two new faculty members with unique points of view.

If you're looking for inspiration and entertainment, be sure to attend sessions from Norma Hall.  Her characterization and dramatization of characters of the Bible and of modern times will encourage you.  
Norma's programs are new to KCWC, offering monologues, dramatization and character development. You will be set on fire to write as you see characters brought to life.

Angela Oliver is a young writer with a journalistic background.  You will not want to miss her sessions  on  “Finding Your Spiritual Story.” Oliver will also be a part of our Editors' Panel.  You will enjoy discussing her own journey to journalistic writing.

NOTE: Hall and Oliver will be at KCWC on Friday only, so be sure to take advantage of their sessions on that day.

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