Saturday, March 28, 2015

Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Bruins

Kathy Bruins believes everyone has a story to tell. She walks with her clients and tells their story through her writing. Her newest release is Exposing the Darkness: From a Small Town where People don't Talk or Tell, written with Malynda Osantowski, a survivor of sex trafficking. Other books include A Season of God's Daily Influence – Book 1, Vallikett's Journey and Psalms: My Sentiments Exactly. Her speaking topics cover biblical topics, writing, drama and cancer. She is an advocate in raising awareness on the issue of human trafficking, and in finding a cure for breast cancer. Kathy calls southwest Michigan home. She is married to her perfect life-mate, John, and enjoys reading, celebrating life's milestones and knitting socks. For more information, please visit

--Ghostwriting/Collaborating for Success:
Challenges arise when two people or more are working together on a writing project. Kathy Bruins teaches how to make the process run as smooth as possible. Ghostwriting/ collaborating brings an author much satisfaction and success. Kathy serves many clients over the past 15 years. She enjoys helping clients fulfill their dream of telling their story, believing everyone has one to share.
--Mind Mapping/The Writer's Treasure Hunt: You're exited about writing a book, script, or article. Suddenly you realize you have few ideas or an abundance of them. Mind-Mapping helps you brainstorm ideas and create an organized plan of action in the writing process to clearly define your writing project. Kathy Bruins leads this workshop helping writers “draw a map” to their writing treasure.

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