Saturday, April 11, 2015

Faculty Spotlight: Mike Burnett

Mike Burnett started in the printing business in 1983 selling equipment. From marketing the equipment to produce print, he eventually moved into printing directly. Currently he is the C.O.O. of Dockins Graphics Inc. and Director of Printing for Pathway Press. The umbrella of companies under Dockins include two self-publishing companies, Derek Press (a religious self-publishing mark) and Penman Publishers (a non-religious self-publishing mark) as well as two printing companies.

Publishing your Book 101: In this session you’ll go from the basics of book layout and production to publishing. Some of the topics covered will be: Help Designing a Cover, Formatting and Copyediting your Book, Submitting a Good File, How and why to eBook. You’ll also get some advice on choosing a publishing partner (if you need one). This session will be casual and informative. You’ll leave with the entire presentation in hand and hopefully less questions than you started with.

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