Saturday, May 9, 2015

Faculty Spotlight: Lisa Greer

Lisa Greer is a contract analyst, writing contract language and handling negotiations for a local Fortune 300 company. She also does freelance writing, with over 300 published articles. Lisa has been a regular contributor for local publications such as Southern Indiana Living and The Capitol New. She and her husband own a freelance writing and photography business, Olive Tree Enterprises, LLC @

Speak Your Heart: Guide to Sharing Your Writing in a Public Forum: It’s one thing to write a book, or column in a newspaper, but then you have to market your work to generate sales. The two go hand in hand. No sales = more copies of leftover books in your office than you know what to do with. Speaking at events can be an intimidating experience, but yet necessary to get the word out on your writing talents. This workshop will show you how to ease into speaking and grow that area of your writing business with eloquence.

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