Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Faculty Spotlight: Sherry Logsdon

Sherry Logsdon was born in Grayson County, KY. She is the author of the novel, Asylum. She graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelors of Science in Education, Sherry moved to Hardin County, Kentucky and went on to earn her Masters in Counseling. Sherry taught special education, and writing in both the public school system and at the college level. She now resides in Eastview, KY, with her husband Tim and their chocolate lab, Jace. In addition to her three grown children, Ryan, Kyle, and Amy, Sherry has three grandchildren, Kyler, Kylee, and Kyndle. Visit Sherry @

Realistic Fiction: Researching Your Novel: Forget everything you remember about research. What it isn’t. Research isn't only for reference pages, footnotes, and bibliographies. Research isn't only for nonfiction. Bring your novel to life through research. Research that is fun and exciting, giving much needed depth and detail to your writing. You will create real life settings and characters in which people will not only learn to love your characters but the lives they are living. There will be handouts, including character sheets.

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