Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Faculty Spotlight: Gregg Bridgeman

More publishing expertise . . .
 from our friend Gregg!

Gregg Bridgeman, began operating Olivia Kimbrell Press in 2011 acting as Editor-in-Chief. Then as now, he operates the press as a ministry. The primary objective remains that of lifting up and helping ministry-minded Biblical authors fulfill the Great Commission -- to bring the Gospel message to the entire world -- for every tribe and every nation. Gregg currently serves in the National Guard, is a decorated combat veteran, and is best known for his technical savvy and attention to the smallest detail.

·         Free (or Almost Free) Tools for Authors: The World Wide Web is filled with tools authors can use to make their writing lives easier, more efficient, and in times, better. Gregg Bridgeman will share the tools he's found and explain how to use them.

·         Advanced EBook Formatting: For people who already understand eBook formatting and indie publishing, this class will teach you advanced eBook formatting to help make the final product look professional in any eReader.

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