Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Servants, Not Celebrities

The members of the KCWC Planning Committee are all volunteers. That's right. All of them. For the past year, they've planned, prepared, and prayed for the 2007 conference coming up in about a month. The members come from all over KY, and there is one from TN (almost KY). We share the list of conference workers with you in hopes that you will want to meet some of them when you come this year.

Mary Gaskins, Coordinator (Louisville)
Regina Campbell, Co-Coordinator, Treasurer (Radcliff)
Ginger Wilkinson, Secretary (Louisville)
Judy Sliger, Facility Co-Chair, Registrar (Elizabethtown)
Barbara Wells, Faculty Chair (Owensboro)
Pauletta and Mary Kutter, Publicity Co-Chairs (Lebanon)
Margaret Hardesty-Day, Resources Chair (Mt. Washington)
Emily Akin , Publications Co-Chair (Union City, TN)
Crystal Murray, Webmaster, Co-Publications, Hospitality (Louisville)
Margaret Hardesty Day, Resources Chair (Mt. Washington)
Millie Robinson, Historian, Facility Co-Chair (Elizabethtown)
Audiovisual Team, Dave and Pam Heigl (Mt. Washington)
Constance Darnell, Advisory Board (Elizabethtown)
Betty Whitworth, Advisory Board (Leitchfield)
Kate Thomas, Advisory Board, Founder (Brandenburg)
Gloria Whitford (Elizabethtown)

Kate, Betty, Constance, Millie, and Crystal are former conference coordinators. Some of this group have served on the committee before. For others, it's their first time. The committee members contribute experience, expertise, and enthusiasm. You can help by praying for the committee as they count down to conference kickoff on June 21st.

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