Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Workshop/Interest Group Details

We've received additional information on content from Wendy Brown and Ginny Smith as follows. Wendy's session is scheduled for Saturday, and Ginny's is on Friday night.

Ethics and Legalities of Freelance Writing - Wendy Brown

Integrity is critical for writers who are Christian. I was blessed to have a mentor who patiently answered every question I emailed her. Can I do this? Can I do that?
I found that because I love telling stories, everything I wrote wasn’t exactly true. Certainly it’s okay to exaggerate a little. Well, maybe not. Let’s talk about it!

If I write an article and sell it to one magazine for First Rights or One Time Rights, can I change it a little bit and offer First or One Time rights again? How much has to change? If I post my work on an online journal does that count as having published it? What if my idea for an article has already been written about? Can I still write it? Let’s talk about it!

Fiction writing is my new love. I could spend hours creating short stories and plotting novels. Most of them come out of personal, true stories about people I know. Can I do that? How much has to be changed? Can I create towns and rivers and historical sites that don’t even exist? Let’s talk about it!

A billion, (probably a little bit of an exaggeration) questions arise when we get serious about writing and publishing. In this interest group we’ll discuss answers to as many as we can fit in. Let’s talk about it!

If you have any questions already please feel free to email them to me so we can get a jump on what you want to discuss.

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Critiques: The Good, the Bad and the Really Insulting - Ginny Smith

Learn how to provide positive feedback that encourages and motivates, and how to respond
when the comments on your work aren't as good as you hoped. Examine samples of the helpful and the harmful. Virginia Smith, the critique moderator for CWFI, will discuss various formats for critique groups, and will give examples of actual critiques - good, bad, and really insulting.

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