Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New! Writers' Reading Room

One of the major advantages of attending a conference is the give and take between conferees. This year, KCWC is offering a reading room, a new service to help writers share resources.

Are you looking for information on writing but don't know whether to invest in a writer's magazine? Would you like to learn more about different types of writing like greeting cards, articles or fiction? Visit the KCWC Writer's Reading Room when you have a few free minutes at the conference. Donated materials will be available for browsing throughout the conference.

Do you have old writing magazines that you no longer need but hate to throw away? Are there how-to books on marketing, writing, revising, or publishing gathering dust on your shelves, stacked on the nightstand or lurking in the back of the closet? Bring them to 2008 KCWC to donate to the Writers' Reading Room.

After lunch on Saturday, these donations can be taken to new homes by conference attendees. Any materials remaining at the close of the conference will be given to the local public library.

Please contact if you need additional information.

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