Thursday, July 17, 2008

Karen Moore Artl: Going the Extra Mile

KCWC has never had a specific conference theme before 2008, but keynote speaker Karen Moore Artl requested that we adopt the theme “Be Thou My Vision” this year. Her goal was to help writers develop a vision for their writing, and that goal is reflected in her prayer from her opening keynote.

Grant us wisdom in the things we say and write,
Be our “best thought” day or night.

In her keynote addresses, Karen showed us the path to publication from initial idea through market research to writing and selling the idea to Christian publishers. A conferee said, "I loved this conference and am going home much encouraged about my writing and with a better idea of what I need to do to find a publisher. I especially appreciate that Karen made time to meet with me when I was unable to get an appointment during sign-up."

Karen received many rave reviews from other attendees. "Karen was awesome speaker," said one person. Another said, "I really enjoyed Karen Artl. She was warm and encouraging in sharing her knowledge." Not only did she deliver inspiring keynotes, she also provided valuable advice to people on an individual basis.

From the conference committee’s point of view, Karen exceeded expectations. “She was a blessing,” said Mary Gaskins, 2008 conference coordinator. “She challenged all of us to higher standards and is a living example of how to move with God's timing."

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