Sunday, February 22, 2009

Five W’s for KCWC: Why?

Today’s post is the last in the series of Five W’s for KCWC: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. If you have a question that we have not covered in these posts, don’t hesitate to contact us by commenting on this blog or by e-mailing us.

Why does KCWC offer a conference every year? In the beginning, it was Kate Thomas’ dream that there would be a regular Christian writers conference in Central Kentucky. Since 1995, KCWC has been organized and perpetuated by a volunteer committee, some of whom are published writers. Other committee members are aspiring writers whose “day job” is teaching or working in business. The conference, formerly called seminar, is held annually because of the need for continuity. Many attendees have built lasting relationships with writers and editors they have met at KCWC. I know I look forward to renewing friendships with the people I’ve met at conference. The primary reason we have conference every year is outlined in our mission statement.

“The purpose of the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference is to provide an annual event to equip and encourage writers in their quest for publication. The conference will provide a safe environment where writers can discover their gifts and share their work."

Why should I consider attending KCWC this year? Judy Sliger, our 2009 coordinator, provided us with a list of ten reasons Christian writers should attend KCWC. Some of those reasons are humorous, but the last one is serious. If God has called you to write, a writers’ conference is a good place to explore the possibilities and learn from others who have answered the same call.

If you’ve never attended a writers conference before, it’s wise to start with a small conference so that you can get your feet wet without being overwhelmed. If you are a published writer who has never attended KCWC, please consider attending this year. We have a marvelous faculty including featured speaker, Terry Whalin, native Kentuckian and current resident of Arizona. Don’t miss this chance to glean from Terry’s extensive experience in the Christian publishing industry. Take a look at our website’s Conference Details page for faculty bios and workshop descriptions. While you’re there, take a look at the schedule and the registration page where fees and appointment procedures are listed.

Why should you subscribe to this blog? Because you will get real-time conference updates as we prepare for this year’s conference. Also, whether you can come this year or not, you can keep up with what we’re doing and keep us in mind for next year.

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