Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Writing for Him" by Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress

In Spring of 1994, I attended a writing workshop at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. After being encouraged by the instructor, Cliff Schimmels, to pursue writing for publication, I told God, "I will give this one year of my very best effort. If it's what you have for me, I hope to know it by then." I then became a student of the writing and publication process. Six months later, after lots of rejections, I sold one small piece to ParentLife magazine for $20 --- and (instead of framing it) took my family to Captain D's to celebrate!

Fifteen years, hundreds of published articles, two books, seven book compilations, and many writers conferences later, I still get lots of rejections---and I still attend writers conferences. I can't afford not to.

But, the truth is, you don't ever need to attend a writers conference unless:
  • You plan to actively pursue publication of your work,
  • You seek to develop your skills and your knowledge level in pursuit of excellence as a Christian writer,
  • You need to take home practical tips to better service editors,
  • You hope to increase your marketing skills and become aware of additional publications that need your work,
  • You want to be encouraged and energized through mingling with fellow writers at all levels of "success,"
  • You need additional ideas for articles or books,
  • You choose to be challenged to go deeper, trust God, and chase the dream He's given you,
  • You seek specific direction for a specific project,
  • You understand in today's climate, conferences are crucial for networking, and advancing in the writer's world.

Pray through the doubts and the roadblocks, let God make provision for you and come with expectancy. Come see me in Kentucky!

Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress

At our June conference, Lettie will be teaching a two-part workshop for beginners and a workshop entitled "When Your Writing Leads to Speaking." See the details on the KCWC site. She will also be available for private appointments. Register early! It's your best chance to get the private appointment you want.

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