Friday, May 15, 2009

Start with Devotionals: Jim Stafford

Jim Stafford is Associate Editor for The Upper Room magazine, and his two-part devotional-writing workshop has always been popular at KCWC.

Barbara Wells, KCWC chairperson for 2007-08, said, "Emily, I'm so glad Jim Stafford is returning to KCWC this year. I attended one of his sessions last year. He is a gifted and prepared presenter, having lots of handouts regarding the subject of devotional writing. Both sessions were filled to capacity."

Jim provides this bio for us: "After an enlistment in the U.S. Navy I entered college, majoring in English. In the meantime I held positions in transportation industries, producing heavy trucks and aircraft structures. Subsequently, I worked for several years as a technical writer and later as a technical editor.

In May 1994 I joined the staff of the Upper Room where I serve as associate editor of The Upper Room magazine. The outreach ministries of The Upper Room’s publications and programs provide me with many wonderful opportunities to touch the lives of people around the world each day. God has truly blessed me with work that I find most interesting and challenging. When I receive letters from readers, expressing how an Upper Room meditation has encouraged them in their own faith walk, I realize just how gratifying and rewarding my career can be.

My spouse, Kitty, and I reside in a rural neighborhood near Lebanon, Tennessee. We have two children: Jeremy is married and a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps; Megan is a nurse. We attend Westland United Methodist Church in Lebanon. Kitty and I have been United Methodists for more than 30 years. The church has always been an integral part of our family life. For several years I taught a Sunday school class of couples and singles in the forty- to fifty-something range. Currently, I serve as chairperson for our church’s administrative board.

My favorite personal pastimes are reading (mostly non-fiction), yard work, and motorcycling."

Jim's two-part workshop is entitled Sharing Your Faith: Writing Daily Devotionals. The focus of this workshop is to help you develop the essentials for good devotional writing. Discover where and how to start writing meditations. Learn the significance of being Bible-based and authentic as you share your faith through your writing. Sample and compare several leading daily devotionals to see how they differ and receive a market list. This workshop is designed for both beginning and intermediate writers.

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