Friday, February 26, 2010

Encourage and Be Encouraged

In my February 19 blog post, I promised to outline more reasons for attending Kentucky Christian Writers Conference. Here’s another reason for you to consider – you’ll meet others who understand and share your goal to use the writing gift God has given you.

I’m preparing for a long car trip – about twenty-four hours of driving time. A friend was going to ride along, but she recently realized she can’t make it. Nor is my husband isn’t able to go with me. Now, I’ve done this drive alone before, and I’m not eager to repeat the experience. It’s boring, for one thing. And the possibility of car trouble along the way is a little frightening, even with the security of AAA membership. Plus, I like having someone to help with the driving, or at least talk to me and keep me from nodding off. It’s so much more fun to stop every so often and take advantage of the sights and attractions along the way if there’s someone to share them with. Now that my friend isn’t going along, I’ve lost my enthusiasm for the trip. I may decide to call the whole thing off.

As I’ve been preparing to deliver the keynote addresses at Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, I’ve been thinking a lot about journeys. My writing career has been like a long journey. There have been a few bumps in the road, and some unforeseen difficulties. And there have been rewards along the way, times to stop and savor. As I look back, I realize the hardest times in this journey of mine have been when I was alone. But when I had someone to encourage me, to share the burdens and to enjoy the rewards, the road has been much easier to travel.

Some of my deepest friendships and most rewarding partnerships in my career as a writer have come to me through writers conferences. I met two of my future editors and my agent at conferences. I’ve found critique partners at conferences. And I’ve gained many, many friends who are traveling on the same road. We’ve learned together, prayed together, celebrated our accomplishments with one another, talked each other through roadblocks and detours, and shared each others’ burdens. They have made my journey more enjoyable.

The writer of Hebrews told us, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”(Hebrews 10:25) At the 2010 Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, you will enjoy a time of fellowship with other writers who, like you, desire to honor the Lord with their words. We’ll worship together, learn together, discover new opportunities together, and maybe develop friendships that will help us as we travel this long and often confusing road. We’ll encourage one another, and be encouraged. The journey won’t seem quite as daunting if we have someone else along.

So now we’ve outlined two reasons to attend the 2010 KCWC – opportunities to develop our writing skills, and opportunities to encourage and be encouraged. Keep an eye on this blog in the coming weeks, and we’ll discuss more.

See you in E-town in June!


Amanda Hervey said...

I'd love to sign up for the conference! Where do I go register?

Emily M. Akin, writer-editor said...

Amanda, we hope to have the registration page up on the Website within the next couple of weeks. See We'll announce on the blog when we're ready to take registrations, too.