Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not a Firefly: Guest Post

This post is the first in a series from former Kentucky Christian Writers Conference attendees reflecting on their experiences at the event. Visit for more information or to register for this year's KCWC.

What's that buzzing in your ear? It’s not a wayward firefly or dud bottle rocket. The incessant hum could be God. Calling you to be a writer.

Can’t quite believe it? Let me tell you my story.

Up until a few years ago, I’d spent my career writing newspaper articles and advertising copy, with a couple of teaching detours squeezed in between.

Then I saw an ad for a Christian writer’s conference. I didn’t even know there were
conferences like this, just for creative Christians--believers who have an eternal vision that begs to be expressed. They are the artistic souls who soap their arms in the shower and have the first line of a novel thump them on the head. Or glimpse a simple bouquet of daisies and rush to capture a line of verse as it whispers into their thoughts. They’re called to stand for what is right, to strengthen a weakened warrior, or to comfort a troubled heart.

And choose to do something about it.

At the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, you’ll be in good company. In fact, you’ll probably feel like you’ve finally found your tribe.

Past conferences have welcomed exceptional keynote speakers and experienced authors—all willing to share their journey and expertise. They understand that, as Christians, we’re all on the same road together.

The first conference I attended opened a new vista to me. I learned that Christian magazines, devotionals, newsletters, and book publishers of every genre are seeking inspirational writers with fresh insight and polished manuscripts.

After I returned home from that first meeting, inspiring words lingered in my heart. Reams of information mounded the pockets of my spiral notebook. Overwhelmed, I felt like Gideon, surrounded by piles of corn in the gristmill and hiding out. Yet that still, small voice continued to whisper. A writer for God? Could that be me?

After a few years, a couple of starts and stops, and hundreds of pages later, I can say "yes." I’m publishing in magazines and recently won an award for my children’s novel. Plus, I’m still learning. Always.

Think you can click away from this site and that’ll be the end of it? If God is in it, you’ll see another notice for KCWC, glimpse a Facebook status, or have a conversation with a friend (who’ll just happen to mention it). God doesn’t give up on us. He may be whispering your name. So why not follow your heart to the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference?

Right now you can take the first step. As you’re sitting on your front porch, at your desk at work, or next to the kitchen table, begin your journey. Fire up the computer, take pen in hand, or grab your preschooler’s crayons and some paper.


The words will flow. You’ll see. God has placed a gift within you to be acknowledged, then developed and honed. The question is, what will you do about it?

--Jeris Hamm
(Jeris lives in a small Tennessee town outside Memphis and has attended KCWC several times. Her first novel recently won an award in the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference contest.)

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