Friday, February 15, 2013

Ask and You Shall Receive!

YOU asked to have a music workshop...and KCWC listened!

Meet Simeon Amburgey - helping Christian songwriters, musicians and worship leaders find their "joyful sound."  Simeon is owner and president of Sound Creations, Inc., located in Louisville, KY, providing resources to churches and individuals--custom arrangements, conducting music and worship concerts, music consulting and mentoring.

Simeon also travels and serves as accompanist for Larnelle Harris Concerts/Ministries.

Simeon will teach two workshops at the 2013 KCWC Conference:
         1. Take Your Song Lyrics to a Recorded CD
         2. Legal Guidelines to Copywriting Your Song

Find out more information about his work at

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about writing with us at KCWC.  We love hearing from you.

--Barbara Wells, KCWC Coordinator

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