Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why First-timers Should Come to KCWC 2010

Have you considered attending KCWC 2010, but you just haven't made up your mind? Are you new to Christian writing and not sure you want to attend a conference at all? Let us give you some reasons why KCWC is the conference for you.
  • KCWC is a small conference. Usually, we have about 100 people in attendance, including faculty and steering committee. At larger conferences, it's easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer size of the crowd and the multitude of choices you have to make.
  • The Beginners Basics class was designed just for you. Instructor Lettie K. Burress has taught this class in many venues, including Lifeway conferences.
  • The Making Sense of Market Guides workshop will help you find publishers so that you can being submitting your work.
  • You can learn how to craft effective articles in Michael Brewer's workshops.
  • Wendy Brown's workshops will help you examine God's call on your gift of writing and how to use writing techniques from scripture.
  • Tracy Crump's workshop on writing for the Chicken Soup series will help you succeed in submitting your work to that market.
  • Mary Lou Redding will give you tips on writing devotionals and encouragement on submitting to The Upper Room, a great place for beginners to submit their work.
  • If fiction is your forte, Virginia Smith, Carlton Hughes, Ann Gabhart, and David Pierce, will help you hone your fiction techniques.
  • Kim Peterson will fill you in on what it takes to get published in the children's and teens' markets.
  • The workshop, Get Organized and Sell Your Work, will provide tips on setting up your writing records and research as well as managing your time.
  • Andrea Merrell will meet with you if your interest is writing devotions for online publication.
  • You can meet privately with one of the faculty about your work and your aspirations.
  • You will meet other writers, some beginners and some very experienced, who will share their journey with you and encourage you in finding your way.
Register today! There are only 16 days until opening session for KCWC 2010. Register and pay by May 28th to get the meal guarantee. If you register after May 28th, in advance or at the door, we may be able to provide meals for you, but we just can't guarantee it. Also, we want to remind you that, the earlier you register, the better your chance of getting the faculty appointment you want.

More encouragement for beginners: See these articles where writers share their conference experience.
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