Monday, June 25, 2012

Another KCWC in the Books & Some Questions

KCWC may have concluded on Saturday, but it is far from over. Now is when the work begins. If you are like me, you have so many thoughts circulating and ideas trying to burst forth. The key is to start. Jesse Florea, in his keynote address, recalled a lady who came back to him at a conference a year later with the same idea that she had never acted on. He said, “I STILL want that idea!” What a pity that, after a year, they agreed it was still important but in the same undeveloped state. So, start small, but START!

Twila Belk brought timely and humorous messages through her keynote addresses. Due to unforeseen circumstances in her family’s health, Chonda Pierce, our scheduled keynote speaker, was unable to attend. While we were grieved with Chonda, we were delighted that Belk agreed to fill that role, which she did as though it had been planned. As committee members we realized that “we make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Speaking of committee members, we are always looking for those whom God is calling to serve our conference, whether it is on the planning committee or as a volunteer. Please drop KCWC Conference Coordinator Barbara Wells a note or send an email to to let us know if you are interested--we welcome willing hands and fresh ideas!

We read each evaluation closely and use them as planning tools. If you think of additional comments or suggestions that would make our conference better, please let us know.

So…I leave you with 2 questions based on your 2012 KCWC experience:

--Which session was the most helpful to you and how do you plan to use it?

--Which meal or food was your favorite? (The writer of this post, a self-proclaimed “foodie” and coordinator of the meals wants to know!)

We have lots of ideas for 2013, so pray for the committee’s guidance as we begin planning in August.

Write on!
--Pam Harlow
KCWC Publicity Chair

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Emily M. Akin said...

I've posted two articles about KCWC 2012 on my blog. First, Kentucky Conference Take-Away,

Plus, Kentucky Conference Nightmare? here:

And, I want to say that Twila Belk did a fantastic job of filling in ad featured speaker Chonda Pierce at the last minute.